Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vitaly Bulgarov Study, 2 days in

Great blog post with a video to follow along to:

It was a bit awkward having to pause every two seconds to try and catch up with the video.

I learned a ton here. The modeling style is not one that aims to have 'clean' geometry, there are no subdivision
surfaces, which allows to target where the radii go quite precisely.

The focus was on following technique more than proportional accuracy. Vitaly has a scary efficient process, using scripts, kitbashing, kitbashed booleans, and big to small approach to shape creation and detailing. It's very refreshing to see a hard surface model like this done in polys, but looking like a CAD model.

New tools in my modo arsenal:

01 Using a mirrored instance for carefree symmetry.

02 having all my inactive layers set to shaded with no wireframe is a great way to have oversight of the whole model and to see how the shader behaves with the surfaces.

03 a macro to create a circle in any poly I select. (select poly, shift+d, shift+d, merge, bevel tap,, scale/move to desired size)

04 using the numberpad to cycle through viewport styles, 6 for reflection, which hides all other layers, 4 to toggle back to shaded mode.

05 / (slash), shift+/ to toggle wireframe visibility on and off on active layer to check shader behavior

06 intentionally splitting lines to stop smoothing on specific edges. Should be done last, once you're sure you wont use the mesh cleanup command that will merge the edges back together.

07 using the Rounded Edge Width option for materials is huge. a very subtle radius is applied to every sharp edge to catch those little highlights that make a model look fake and undermodeled.

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