Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16 - Superbike Day 01

I'm embarking on a big modeling project here... My focus is going to be the automotive forms primarily. Can I find a workflow that works for me in modo?

So far, I've had a very hard time with modeling the gas tank volume. After some drawing over the reference, I figured I would first model the big volumes by pushing vertices around and using falloffs extensively to stick to 'C' or 'S' curvatures. Once the main volume is established, I UV the surfaces that will break up into secondary shapes to sketch the lines on as a background geometry to build on further. I may revisit this process again in the future with spline cages for more accurate surfaces, as right now i'm just eyeballing it and pushing individual verts around in Psub mode to get the desired shape. The Reflection OpenGL mode is very useful for analyzing the surface, though I wish the image map was circular and not square. With RayGL, it's easy to drop in different backgrounds for different reflection types; though I wish modo would give more OpenGL control. (Or I have yet to figure it out)

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